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City of Perth:  Jock Trethowan, life member

 Historical Scoreboard Date: 1.11.98 Event: Invitation 4BBB Medley     Stroke No of Players: 76 Trophy Donors: Virginia Golf Club Winners: Bill Hanlon (18),   Barbara Tupper (19) 58 Runners Up: Alastair Wighton (24), Peter Trethowan (27) 60 Mal    McLeod ...      --

P. Wojtaszek, J. Trethowan, G. P. Bolwell
Reconstitution in vitro of the components and conditions required for the oxidative
cross-linking of extracellular proteins in French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.).
FEBS Lett. 405, 95-98 (1997).

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As promised, here is a transcription taken from C S Gibert's "Historical Survey of Cornwall",1817-20 of the Manor of Merther:
MERTHER, which has been the property of the Carminowes, Trevarthians and Reskymers, now belongs to Sir Richard Vyvyan, bart.  The old manor house, which was long the principal seat of the Reskymer family, is said to have been a sumptuous building, surrounded by an extensive deer park.  All this has disappeared, but the grounds are still charmingly wooded.  The present house is situated at the head of an avenue, shaded with elms.  It is a plain old building, and over the front of the porch, are the arms of Reskymer, quartering Trevarthian:  date 1515.  Trethowan, after remaining for several centuries as the property and dwelling of the Trethowan family, was sold to the Vyvyans of Trelowarren, and is now the property of Sir Richard Vyvyan, bart.  There is a shield over the entrance to the house, which is supposed to bear the arms of Trethowan, apparently three garbs.  Trenarth, which is supposed to have been the original seat of the Trenarth, or Trenerth family, has been successfully the seat of the Williamses, and Nichollses.  It is now the property and residence of Thomas Nicholls, esq.  The house is a handsome modern building, and the grounds are richly wooded.  Trevisscis, formerly the seat of a branch of the Trefusis family, is now the property of Lord Clinton.  There are still some remains of the old building, but the greater part of the house has been rebuilt.  It is now the leasehold property of Mr Symons.

Nearly 200 years later, I doubt very much if things have changed!


Turn Over a New Leaf Book: Colin Forster, Patric Dickinson, Arthur Marshall, Bill Murphy, Charles Hughes, Vivian Cox, David Yates-Mason, George Rylands
Music: Frank Scholl, A.K.Arnold, Geoffrey Wright, Marcus Watson, Cecil Burns, Michael Hole Choreography: Robert Helpmann (Vic-Wells Ballet)
Orchestrations: Bill Trethowan
Producer: George Rylands Assistant producers: Peter Crane, Bill Murphy
Company: Peter Crane, Bill Murphy, Colin Mann, Robert Graham, Albert Robinson, Michael Douglass, Neville Blackburne, Colin Harding, Paul Kramer, Dick Stewart, Paddy Boden, M.Hilson, Eric Laman, John Wilson, James Creedy, Alistair Johnston, Terence Young, Chris Swan, Tony Ellison, Peter Meyer, Tito Arias, Theo Arias

Trethowan Woodford Law firm.

Your Hosts  Doreen & Clive Trethowan
Cornwall is now an English county but appears as an independent kingdom in Arthurian legend.  'Duke of Cornwall' is one of the titles of the Prince of Wales.  Cornish was one of the Celtic languages with close affinities to Welsh and Breton. There are nonative speakers left but many Cornish placenames and surnames are derived from it. Cornish personal names are now similar to those of the rest of England with Celtic survivals quite rare.
the University of Queensland Web Page:  Trethowan's line (line along superior neck) does not intersect any of epiphysis....
The executive director of the AIDS Trust of Australia, Mr Terrence Trethowan, said  that Princess Diana's support of people with AIDS was "incredibly important".
Ms Yvonne von Hartel Senior Partner Robert Peck von Hartel Trethowan
Trethowan,D. Team Briefing. Industrial Society,1989
Call Number: 371.14 Title: Managing with Appraisal / Achieving Quality Schools through PerformanceManagement Date: 1991 Author: Trethowan, David
Seed Industry Research and Development Committee Mr Hugh Roberts (Chairman), Mr Jock Krietals, Mr David Pengelly, Mr Pat Trethowan, Mr Peter Peterson (Research Manager)
Dom Illtyd Trethowan    Process Theology $ 9.95
2. POLICE PROCEDURALS--BRITISH:Author: Detective: Barnard, Robert Supt. Perry Trethowan, Scotland Yard
Somervaille, L.J., D.R. Chettle, M.R. Scott, D.R. Tennant, M.J. McKiernan, A. Skilbeck, and W.N. Trethowan (1988). "In Vivo Tibia Lead Measurements as an Index of Cumulative Exposure in Occupationally Exposed Subjects." B. J. Ind. Med. 45:174-181.
Exorcism: A psychiatric viewpointW H Trethowan, Department of Psychiatry, The
University of Birmingham Journal of Medical Ethics, 1976, 2, 127-137
This edition of "Salesian Bulletin" is back in HTML. During the past few months, the Australian Salesian Bulletin expperimented in PDF format. "The PDF files looked good," webmaster Ashley Trethowan explains, "but it just took far too long to download." Hence the decision to return toHTML.
Australian Journal of Agricultural ResearchContents Volume 46 Number 3 1995
Evaluation and selection of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) for preharvest sprouting tolerance. R. M. Trethowan     463
Mr Robert Peck, Director, Robert Peck von Hartell Trethowan, of Melbourne, Victoria.
William Henry Trethowan (3 Jun 1917 - 15 Dec 1995) Psychiatrist
Cannington   Fr Tony Trethowan   09 458 1348
Location: Sydney, Australia in conjunction with the Annual Sports Medicine Australia Congress Contact:Patsy Trethowan, Manager Phone: +61 2 9297 2270 Fax: +61 2 9297 2019
Combined Riverstone 14 Garfield Road RIVERSTONE  NSW  2765 Phone: (02) 627 4222 Fax: (02) 627 4003 Contact: Stephen Trethowan
City of Perth SLSC - City of Perth SLSC. Life Members. 1935. C.Bader. 1949.
H.M.Henderson. 1971. J.Trethowan. 1989. R.B.McRae. 1935. R.E.Gatherer. 1950.
E.W.C.Jacks. 1974....
Marlborough Hill
A four-masted iron barque built in 1885 by W.H. Potter & Son, Liverpool. Dimensions:
91,55×12,85×7,48 meters [300'5"×42'2"×24'7"] and tonnage: 2531 GRT and 2443 NRT. Rigged with sky sails over royal sails, double top and topgallant sails. The lower and to masts were in one piece.  Sistership to the same owner's ship Holt Hill (1884).

1885 January   Launched at the shipyard of W.H. Potter & Son, Liverpool, for W. Price & Co., Liverpool.
1892   In command of Captain J. Trethowan (photo courtesy of Nigel Richie). Note: 07/2004; I will note here that a descendant of Captain J. Trethowan contacted this site. His name is Nigel Ritchie. One can find his e-mail in the e-mail section.
Canadian Military  Flight Engineer  Association President  John Trethowan
 Box 11, 2560 Queen StreetCumberland, Ontario K0A 1S9 (613) 833-2028
HONGKONG.ZIP (31 Kb) Hong Kong, Canton, and Pearl River Estuary - v3 ATP
conversion of Hugh Trethowan's FS4 scenery for Hong Kong, Canton and the Pearl River estuary. It requires ATP Rev. D with at  least USA-East update. Hugh's house is visible near 112.30 VOR (Cheung Chau). From Enrico Schiratti

Hip mallody
Slipped epiphysis occurs in adolescents, with displacement of the upper femoral epiphysis at the growth plate. The majority are gradual onset, frequently with a history of trauma. The leg is externally rotated, and shortened. The hip is limited in abduction and internal rotation. Diagnosis is made on X-Ray with the line of the superior margin of the neck of femur, remaining superior to the head, rather than passing through it. (Trethowan's sign). Hip involvement in Juvenile chronic arthritis depends on the specific subtype of disease
Trethowan, Edith Works listed: Prints and Graphics 14 Prints and Graphics: Total offered: 14 Number sold: 9 Average price: $405
I would like especially to acknowledge the presence of the German Ambassador to Australia, Dr Klaus Zeller and Australia's Ambassador to Germany, Mr Max Hughes, as well as that of Dr Eckhard Rohkamm, the President of the Deutsche Australische Gesellschaft (D.A.G.), and Mr Charles Trethowan, Chair of the D.A.G.' s counterpart organisation in Australia, the Australian-German Association (AGA) .
Book:  'ECHUCA-MOAMA On the Murray' By Helen Coulson
page referances: Trethowan, Family 161, 168
Trethowan Managing with Appraisal, achieving Quality schools through performance management  (1991)
RCAF Personnel - Honours and Awards -  TRETHOWAN, FS John Charles (R145686) - British Empire Medal - No.168 Squadron - Award
effective 13 June 1946 as per Canada Gazette of that date and AFRO 660/46 dated 5 July 1946. Enlisted in Hamilton, Ontario, 6 December 1941. Award presented by Governor General, 10 December 1947. In postwar forces; at the age of 54 was awarded Order of Military Merit "for outstanding professional contributions to Canadian Military Aviation during 33 years of service", at which time he was a Warrant Officer with No.405 Squadron.

     Flight Sergeant Trethowan is a capable and efficient Aero Engine Mechanic whose
     devotion to duty and leadership as maintenance crew chief and in aircraft
     crewman duties has been most outstanding. This non-commissioned officer has
     completed nearly thirteen hundred hours flying as crewman and has the rather
     unique record of having completed the first, five hundredth and last trans-Atlantic
     mail trip with this squadron.,%20o%3dUniversity%20of%20Surrey,%20c%3dGB
Name-  Economics-  Postal Address-  University of Surrey-   Economics -  Guildford -            Surrey -  GU2 5XH  - England
Miss Laura E Trethowan
Propwash - December 97 - Vol. 6
Click on the aircraft  Contributors welcome John Trethowan states that the 1997 Membership dues are slow in coming in. So for those of you who have still not renewed, please mail in your dues now, it's only 83 cents per month! $10.00 a year.
Trethowan Stanley       Handbook and Guide to  Rhodesian Waters


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