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Trethowan Tree:
Finally we getting off of our collective duffs and building our tree. The family tree is a shrub for our family in that there is a lot of lost history. Gathering information is not an easy venture, though frustrating at times it is ultimately it is satisfying. The family tree premiered at this link: Trethowan Tree. Give us a gander.
Trethowan Name Origins:
Everyone wants to know what their name means. At least I do: Origins is the new testpage on this site. There is listed information I received from fellow genealogy enthusiasts. Great stories. Give this page a visit.
Gold Mine:
Genealogy Gold: KindredConnections, Inc. A great place to explore. Some free, mostly for a fee. You can search the 1871Cornish Census there for free.
For My Ausi Friends:
Visit the DunkerleyFamily's Celtic Cornish Web Page: Epping, Australia. They provide links to a wide range of groups, Cornish and Celtic in Australia and overseas!.
This is a new section.  There, one can find mail sent to me from those world wide who are interested in locating Distant Cornish Cousins, or just interested in learning more about the Trethowan name. When e-mailing from this site,please indicate if you want to be included in this section. I will also include the e-mail addresses of the respondents. Hopefully this will allow others to findthose with similar named family members.
Otherwise known as " E-Mail Me" I want to hear what you have to say. Tell me of your family links to the Trethowan name. Tell me of sites that I may like to visit.
More Links
There are so many sites to visit, it's hard to view them all. Here is one that I have jumped into lately: TheSearchableGenealogy Link , They have Scores of links (some old). I'll keep look and updating this information.
Visit the Cornwall Coast for photos of the beautiful Cornish coast line. More photos can be found at jgoodfel's home page.
Also follow the  paths of history with: Cranstar Leisure Group's Cornishhistory and Folklore.
An other site includes: CornwallCAM live shots from Cornwall

A Trethowan Crest?
It would seem that there may be a Family Crest for one of the two Trethowan family lines.
I'll keep a look out for more information. May have found it...
Visit Jim  Wearne's Cornish Page. Jim's page features Cornish Music and links to other Cornish related sites.
Try this Linkto a page that talks of the emigration out of Cornwall circa 1890 - 1920.

To shorten your time shuffling throughsearch engines, I have listed references to the name Trethowan in a section called " Bits and Bytes". I will be linking these as time goes on. So please feel free to have a look.


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